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by Paul Rivoche






by Mike Manley

2002 WARNER BROS  Do not use these images without permission

Paul Rivoche:

These show the stage before "toning"(adding grey tones). I do the linework with markers, scan into Photoshop, then flood the blacks using the paint bucket---for speed. Saves all that time filling in blacks with a marker!
Then I'd print out the design, xerox it onto Bristol card, and add the grey tones with marker and black Prismacolor pencils. Nowadays I usually keep it on the computer and add the greys there too.

Lazarus-- The 1st design ("Lazarus Chamber") wasn't used...it was an exploratory sketch, trying to figure out how the thing should look. I just did a few rough ideas in the "brainstorming" phase of design, this was one of them. They never were quite happy with it and so, as sometimes happens, the design passed on to someone else. I never actually saw the final show so I've no idea what the final version looks like.

The Watchtower --That's the only design I did. I just sat down and drew it, fast. It's like that sometimes--the ideas come almost finished and you just have to trace them from your mind's eye--other times it's a long and lonely struggle to get anything at all."